About Us

Hi Everyone, welcome to my Website! This is where I will be listing my most updated items to sell. As you all know, I started out just making my Bling Bling Slings and it's really grown from there. I now make my lovely Bling Bling coats, Bling Bling harnesses and much MORE Bling to come. I appreciate each and every one of you who have been supporting me in my new trade and hope you will hang out and see what's coming in the future.

My plan is to make wonderful and unique pet wear that is NOT on the market. Most of my items are a one of a kind product and seldom do I duplicate them and that is because I use RECYCLED materials on a lot of them. Take from the earth, put back in to the earth and what a fantastic way to do it! What I have no one does because no one wants to be in my brain when I dream of what to do next! LOL.

I am so excited about my new business because it makes up who I am. I use to work with Textiles so I know fabrics. I sewed for the public and specialized in costume and bridal wear. Then years later I found myself painting walls and what I mean by that is I have been painting murals for the past 14 years. I have worked out in the public and with many contractors with my murals all over Richmond VA and beyond. 

Other than my work, one of my biggest passions is my dogs. I breed a very rare breed called a Mi-Ki. It’s one of the very best breeds out there. The passion for my dogs has lead me to start making dog clothes and MORE. I started with what I call the Bling Bling Sling because I like to carry my little furry guys but sometimes need my arms free so I designed a Sling and posted in on Facebook. From there it has just taken off. I am now doing many other items for pets and hope to share them with you. So, take the sewing past experience, costume background, art influence, and the love for my dogs and you have me! Off the Cuff Stuff for PETS!